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Letters to the Black Community focuses on generational experiences of racial oppression within the Black Community and its development of the illness, internalized oppression. Internalized oppression is a byproduct of the systemic structures of racism that negatively impact the Black psyche, communal energies, and overall interpersonal relationships within the Black community. In Letters to the Black Community, Dr. Griffin discusses an array of ways the symptoms of internalized oppression manifest within the community, but she also offers general solutions to combat this maladaptive phenomenon.   
Letters to the Black Community is now available as an E-book via Vook Store                                                             (, Apple iBookstore, Amazon                                                    Kindle, and Barnes & Noble.
The Steps I Took is an interactive workbook text for students 13 years of age and older, interested in learning strategies to enhance opportunities for scholarship, higher education, and career obtainment. It is a resource for students regardless of whether or not they have decided on an academic or career interest. The strategies contained in this workbook also provide a mechanism for early planning, solutions to an array of questions first generational students may have about career options and illustrative examples that will provide students a platform to prepare for their next level of academic study. This workbook aids in facilitating out of the box thinking, leading students to develop strategies to                                                        soar beyond societal limitations!

Letters to the Black Community
Cultural Book
Price: $13.00
The Steps I Took
Workbook for Students 13 years & older.
Price: $18.00


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