Creating Change for Others... - Working to Educate, to Enlighten, and Empower the lives of many...
     Creating Change Publishing, LLC was developed by Dr. Griffin with the intent to publish her books.  Such allows her to incorporate her community orientation, minority health interest, and clinical psychological works to educate and empower her target audiences.
      The first book released, February 2012, is Letters to the Black Community.  Letters to the Black Community origins out of Dr. Griffin’s interest in minority health issues.  The text focuses on generational experiences of racial oppression within the Black Community and its development of the illness, internalized oppression.  This book is a perfect resource for aspiring college students, academics, and the general body of individuals pursing ideas for change within the community. 
        Creating Change Publishing, LLC released a second book, titled, 
The Steps I Took (February 2013).  The Steps I Took is an interactive workbook text for students 13 years of age and older, interested in learning strategies to enhance opportunities for scholarship, higher education, and career obtainment.  It is a resource for students regardless of whether or not they have decided on an academic or career interest.  

       See Book Product(s) Page to purchase a copy of either book.  Please note Dr. Griffin is available for book readings, seminars, workshops, and community speaking engagements upon request and her time availability.  If interested, please feel free to call, write, or e-mail your occasion and date of interest.
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