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I’ve spent the past 13 years working as a Psychologist, being an active member of the New York Community, and studying race, vulnerability, stress, and coping. I’m the author of three books: Enough is Enough (2024), The Steps I Took (2013), and Letters to the Black Community (Hardcopy, 2012; E-book, 2018). My most recent book is the culmination of years of work and study on the impact of racial oppression on Black quality of life and health. 


I’m also an Associate Professor of Psychology in higher education. I teach Abnormal and General Psychology, mentor many students of color and teach mindfulness of the differences between obtaining a job and a career.

Dr. Eugena K. Griffin

Doctor. Educator. Author. Speaker.

Native New Yorker.





How I Can Help


Individual therapy focuses on the emotional experience of your life. We examine how relationships, all your relationships - to self, family, friends, culture, environment, etc. - and how they have worked toward shaping who you are.


It is expected that your personal life stays out of your professional life, but that isn't reality. Sometimes the two are in conflict or struggles in either overwhelm the other. By gaining clarity on the conflicts, issues, and unique work situation each of us is in, we can make choices that feel right and don't come from a place of anger or anxiety. 


Do you find it challenging to communicate with your partner? Are you struggling to be intimate? Does even the smallest conversation trigger both of you into an argument? If so, couples counseling may be for you.

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