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Sometimes it takes dealing with a disability - the trauma, the relearning, the months of rehabilitation therapy - to uncover our true abilities and how we can put them to work for us in ways we may have never imagined.

Tammy Duckworth

Finding a Match

According to studies, the effectiveness of psychotherapy depends more on the quality of interpersonal rapport between a therapist and client than a therapist’s techniques, education or approach. It is believed that the relationship between a therapist and client is the most significant predictor of therapeutic success. Since it may take a couple of sessions before you begin to feel comfortable, I always encourage people meet with a prospective therapist a few times before deciding whether they are a “right fit” for you.

Before the conclusion of your first session, I will ask you if you wish to return for another session. I may also ask about your experience of your first session together. It is important to share your feelings as openly as possible. I am always happy to  assist in finding someone more compatible with your needs or wishes.

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