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Individual therapy focuses on the emotional experience of your life. We examine how relationships, all your relationships - to self, family, friends, culture, environment, etc. - and how they have worked toward shaping who you are.

Even adolescents in very loving families can experience emotional difficulties. It can be profoundly distressing to see your child struggle, and not know how to respond, or to try and help, but see them continue to suffer. Fortunately, psychotherapy can help.

Do you find it challenging to communicate with your partner? Are you struggling to be intimate? Does even the smallest conversation trigger both of you into an argument? If so, couples counseling may be for you.

Psychological evaluations are a way of assessing an individual's behavior, personality, cognitive abilities, and several other domains. They are the mental equivalent of physical examination. Psychological evaluations seek to better understand the individual's unique characteristics or personality to predict things like workplace performance or customer relationship management.

Whether you are looking for guidance, improving your skills, or exploring a potential new path, I support students in search of elevating their self-awareness and wellness to help them achieve their best outcomes possible in higher education. Also, it is expected that your personal life stays out of your professional life, but that isn't reality. Sometimes the two are in conflict or struggles in either overwhelm the other. By gaining clarity on the conflicts, issues, and unique work situation each of us is in, we can make choices that feel right and don't come from a place of anger or anxiety. 

Parent and child therapy can help with this. Parent and child therapy is an invitation to be more intentional and mindful of the way your relationship together operates together.

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