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Individual Adolescent Psychotherapy

Even adolescents in very loving families can experience emotional difficulties. It can be profoundly distressing to see your child struggle, and not know how to respond, or to try and help, but see them continue to suffer. Fortunately, psychotherapy can help. Since adolescents process their experience differently than adults, psychotherapy typically involves some element conversation or discussion, but also the use of art, poetry or drama as tools. These more expressive mediums can help adolescent process the often bigger than life feelings they experience in their teen years. They can also provide a forum for addressing any underlying difficulties an adolescent may be experiencing at home, in school or in their relationships with others.

If your adolescent is experiencing any of the challenges listed below, it may be a sign that they need additional support:

  • Academic or school difficulties

  • Anger toward others

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic rebelliousness or disregard for others

  • Chronic fear

  • Depression

  • Difficulties with peer or sibling relationships

  • Difficulties eating or sleeping

  • Frequent lying

  • Impulsivity

  • Preoccupation with loss

  • Nightmares

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