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Couple's Therapy

Do you find it challenging to communicate with your partner? Are you struggling to be intimate? Does even the smallest conversation trigger both of you into an argument? If so, couples counseling may be for you.

Couples and marriage counseling allow for a safe place to mindfully navigate through the difficulties you are facing. Couples counseling offers an opportunity to truly listen to your partner. To better see where they are coming from while in a conversation/argument, while finding the tools to handle the emotions that come up.


  • Find support for the relationship during life’s transitions into marriage, parenting, co-habitation, separation, or reconciliation.

  • Learn to communicate in healthier and more mindful ways

  • Deepen the level of intimacy and connection within the relationship

  • Explore where the relationship is heading and establish tools for navigating this path

  • Gain insight on the emotions that take place in the moment that alter the way you and your partner interact

  • Re-establish connection and enjoyment in each other’s company

  • Build the tools for bringing wellness and health to the couple and family system

  • Reduce conflict, learn triggers, and develop strategies for navigating arguments

Couples counseling is not just for couples who are struggling and is a great way to promote wellness to your relationship. Any couple could benefit from better communication skills, putting intention into the dynamic, or just having a few moments to connect without distraction. Building a relationship with a couples therapist can be valuable, so if times get tough, you already have an ally to lean on.

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