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College Prep Consulting

Whether you are looking for guidance, improving your skills, or exploring a potential new path, I support students in search of elevating their self-awareness and wellness to help them achieve their best outcomes possible in higher education.

Session topics include but are not limited to:

  • Gaining insight into patterns that are preventing you from reaching your wellness, life, or educational goals.

  • Discovering your inner courage to manifest your dreams

  • Learning how to utilize your strengths to be a better student and elevate your success

  • Enhancing efficiency and performance at school, work, or during daily tasks to reduce burnout

  • Navigating educational development by fine-tuning a personal statement, preparing for an admittance interview, or practicing how to find, apply, and ask for a scholarship

  • Creating your “life design”, which outlines both personal and career aspirations

  • Implementing effective stress management tools that account for triggers and barriers

  • Identifying and attending activities that generate personal fulfillment

  • Incorporating effective communication skills to foster relationships

Career Counseling

It is expected that your personal life stays out of your professional life but that isn't reality. Sometimes the two are in conflict or struggles in either overwhelm the other. By gaining clarity on the conflicts, issues and unique work situation each of us is in, we can make choices that feel right and don't come from a place of anger or anxiety. 

I have a passion for working with people going through these type of career transitions:

  • Changing Career - Envisioning the best career for you

  • Quitting a job

  • Going part-time to full-time or full-time to part-time

  • Leaving or returning from Parental Leave

  • Conflicts in workplace

  • Dealing with workplace culture and rigidity

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